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The website (www.mohanmakhijaandassociates.com), which is owned and administered by Mohan Makhija & Associates, is committed to ensuring and respecting the privacy of every user that accesses and uses it. We, us, and our are all references to Mohan Makhija & Associates in the Privacy Policy. How we handle your personal data and any connected information is described in the Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted, the changes made will be effective as of the day they are posted on the website.



Anybody who uses the website or provides Mohan Makhija & Associates with any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (personal data) is subject to the privacy policy of Mohan Makhija & Associates. With your permission, we gather personal information. For instance, when you fill out forms on the website and provide data with us, we receive the information. Your basic information, such as your name, phone number, email address, or any other details you may share, may be included in the data we collect.

When a person uses or accesses the website, they acknowledge, agree to, and are bound by this privacy statement. These guidelines could be modified at any time, and we reserve the right to do so if the law changes or for any other reason. However, unless the data privacy laws require it or there are material changes, we are not required to notify users. Thus, users are urged to read our privacy statement as well as the website’s terms and conditions.



User Data: If you engage with our website, you might give us your name, email address, mobile phone number, the name of your company, and your title. Such data are usually referred to as “user information. “Information relating to demographics: We might ask you for data that is not particularly unique but relates to the characteristics of the population. This is a part of demographic information, along with things like title, employer, and current location.

Technical Data: During your visit to our website, we may also gather data about your usage patterns, the device you used to access it (such as a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, etc.), the operating system that is running on it, usage and traffic data, an IP address, and details about the pages of the website you access. Several different cookie types are used by Mohan Makhija & Associates. Cookies enable Mohan Makhija & Associates to gather information about how you use our site and the materials you access. The following is a list of the cookies we use: You must be able to navigate the website and use its services in order to use some of the cookies we use. Also, we use functional cookies to keep track of your selections and to customise the website to your needs, for as by remembering your language or location. Typically, this data is deidentified and not used in any other way. In order to better understand how successful our material is, the interests of our visitors, and how to make this website function better, we or our service providers also employ analytical services. Also, we utilise performance cookies to monitor the quantity and frequency of individual user access to this website. We do not intend to use this information to personally identify any user; it is just used for statistical analysis. We employ social buttons to make it possible for users to bookmark or share web pages. These buttons link to social media platforms operated by third parties, which have the potential to record data about your online activities, including those on this website. To learn more about how these sites use your information and to learn how to change your preferences or have that information deleted, please see their respective terms of service and privacy policies.

External Web Services: On this website, we occasionally use external web services to display material within the web pages, such as to display photographs or play videos. We are unable to stop these websites or external domains from gathering information about how you used the embedded material, just like with the social buttons.

Direct Knowledge: We must obtain the data we believe is required for that when you use third-party services on the Website. We might also gather your data if you use third-party plugins to visit our website. This information is classified as “indirect information.” We track your demographics, behaviour, and indirect information when you visit our website. However, we only collect user information about you and with your permission. You must only give us user information about third parties if the parties involved have given you their permission to do so. We also recognise that you have the necessary authorizations, licences, and rights to share such data with us.



In order for our material to appear on pertinent searches, we analyse data, develop algorithms, establish databases, and optimise the functioning of the website in order to increase user experience.

to carry out internal research in order to carry out audits and quality evaluation procedures.

to monitor how we use our resources and troubleshoot issues with the website.

In addition, we utilise personal information to retain records, share information about new developments at Mohan Makhija & Associates, invite you to pertinent seminars or webinars, and more. We also use it to ask feedback from you regarding your interactions with us.



As compelled by law, we may divulge your information in response to a court order, a governmental request, or to:

adhere to legal procedures and standards.

Defend our rights and property

either prevent crime or safeguard national security

Protect the public’s or users’ personal safety.

The agents, contractors, or third-party service providers who handle or will handle your information on our behalf, including but not limited to those who provide us with administrative and other services, may also receive your information from us.



By sending an email, users can update, review, and make corrections to the personal information that we have on them. Also, unless we are compelled by law to keep a particular amount of information, you have the right to request that we remove your personal information. We won’t be able to grant you access to our platform if you remove or alter your data in a way that cannot be independently verified by us. Also, the removal or alteration will be taken into account as your decision to stop using our site. In order to ensure effective service delivery, Mohan Makhija & Associates also hold the right to confirm and validate any user’s identity and personal data. We reserve the right to refuse or restrict any of the aforementioned requests if we believe that they violate the legal requirements, the rights of others, or both.



Your privacy is important to Mohan Makhija & Associates. The security measures we deployed consist of: We keep an eye on and analyse our information gathering, storage, and processing procedures to guard against unauthorised access to systems.

Only those who work for us, such as our agents and service providers, have access to the personal data we process on their behalf. They are obligated by contract to uphold confidentiality requirements in full. If they breach the duties, their partnership with us may be terminated.

However, we are not liable for any security lapses, third party acts, or any other occurrences that are out of our reasonable control. These occurrences may include, but are not limited to, governmental acts, computer hacking, and security and encryption violations.



We will hold onto your personal information for at least 180 days or until the sooner of:

You don’t respond to correspondence addressed to you, and emails bounce back.

In our opinion, there is no need to keep your information on file for any reason—including to comply with the law.

Please contact us in writing if you do not want us to continue using your information in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement.



Any acts by third parties involving your personal information that you may have given with them are not the responsibility of Mohan Makhija & Associates.